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Sri Lanka Government Job Bank

JobsNet is a Public sector and Private sector partnership project with the Ministry of Labour Relations and Foreign Employment; this is managed by Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Sri Lanka.

JobsNet is an On-Line web based and Service Centre based employment delivery network providing a user-friendly interface between the people who are looking for employment and potential employers who can provide jobs to job seekers.

JobsNet also supports people who want to get self-employed by starting their own business.

JobsNet have plans for the jobseekers in re skilling the trained ones or training the needy ones so that they can find the suitable job for them.

About JobsNet
JobsNet is an On-Line web based and Service providing Centre based employment guiding network providing a user-friendly interface between people seeking employment and potential employers in Sri Lanka or overseas as well as assist Sri Lanka migrant workers/expatriates to find employment back at home.

JobsNet can support you in starting your own business with various forms of assistance through Business Service providers associated with JobsNet.

JobsNet will guide and advice you who is looking for re-skilling/training/recommended industry skills standards so that you may rightfully find employment of choice through enhancement of employable skills.

97, Jawatta Road, Colombo 05, Sri lanka.
Telephone: 0094 11 534 5050

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