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Australia immigration

Australia welcomes talented experienced skill workers from other countries to immigrate there easily and quickly. You can pre arrange your job or can go over there with the Australian visa and can search for suitable jobs. To get the Australian Immigrant visa you can follow the Australian Immigration Department's instructions or can find a suitable private Immigration Law firm to submit your visa application forms through them.

Here are some of the available visas that are issued by Australia.

Employment Sponsored Workers.
Those professional workers seeking jobs in Australia from any registered Australian or foreign firms can get visas if they have the required skill needed by the Australia.

Professionals and other Skilled Migrants.
Those who want to use their professional and working skill can apply for these visas by checking their points and can apply for migrant worker visas.

Business visas.
Business visas can be issued to people who want to come do business or start a new business in Australia.

People moving permanently to join their families as husband/wife, parents, children can obtain this visas if they meet the eligibility.

Visitor visas are issued to people who meet the eligibility under following categories.


Those who are coming here in Australia for their holiday and sight seeing purpose or friends and relatives who are coming to Australia for short term non working purposes.
Working Holiday

Working holiday visas can be issued to young people aged 18 to 30 from the countries which havew agreement with the Australia Government.

Those who are over 55 years of age can apply for the visas to spend their retirement years in Australia if they met the eligibility.

Students who wnat to make higher education, training, or skills development in Australia. If you want to use Education agents A guide for providers of education and training to overseas students is available which was designed by the Department of Education.

Employers who sponsor skilled people to work in Australia Applications & Forms Online and printable applications, information forms and booklets.

Information for people seeking assistance under the refugee and humanitarian programme.

Australian High Commission
Sri Lanka
Address: 21, Gregory's Road, Colombo 7.
Telephone: 2463200
Fax: 2686453
Visa and Immigration Services at the Australian High Commission

The AHC Visa Office provides the following services through The Australian Visa Application Centre.

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