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Australian Scholarships.

Australia offers education for the foreign students under the full tuitions fee paying methods. Although they are offering student scholarships that can give financial support for those foreign students while studying in Australia.

Australia Student Scholarships are offered in many fields for the eligible foreign students. These Scholarships are organized and provided by the Australian Government, The Australian Governments primary purpose of this programs are to make the eligible young men and women to become Leaders in their country after getting the necessary education and training in Australia during the scholarship period.

For this purpose they are providing all the necessary information and guidelines through the media.

Currently there are 3 kinds of Programs offers the Scholarships in Australia for the foreign students.

Australian Development Scholarship.
Australian Leadership Awards.
Endeavour Program.

Australian Development Scholarship.

There are two kinds of Scholarships Available.

  1. Public sector: This is for public sector employees who are selected by their governments
  2. Open/equity: This is open for people who are eligible, and must return to their countries after finishing the Scholarship in Australia.

This gives the following benefits
Tuition, Airfare, Establishment Allowance, Contribution to Living Expenses, Overseas Student Health Cover, Pre-course English, Supplementary Academic Support (Tutorial Assistance) Read More

Australian Leadership Awards
This is available for, Outstanding applicants who have attained a very high level of undergraduate or post graduate academic achievement and who have a high level of English, who can demonstrate their potential as leaders, capable of influencing social and economic policy reform and development outcomes in the Asia-Pacific region.

Outstanding applicants who can make an on-going commitment to alumni programs on their return home, so that they can enhance the friendships and networks they have made in Australia.

Eligible female candidates demonstrating leadership potential are especially encouraged to apply People seeking to migrate to Australia should not apply for this.
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Endeavour Program
The Endeavour Program is the Australian Government's Department of Education, Science and Training's (DEST) international scholarships program. Endeavour is a prestigious scholarship program showcasing the excellence of Australia's education, science and training sectors.
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Also there is many other organizations supports International student education in Australia. These Student scholarships should be applied by the students from their own countries and it can't be applied from Australia. Commonwealth postgraduate students can benefit from these scholarships from their Governments, World Bank, WHO, ADB, UNO, Rockefeller foundation, Rotary Clubs and from many other organizations.

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