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Australia Citizenship Test.

Those who want to become Australian citizens will need to successfully pass Australia's Citizenship Test which was introduced on October 2007.

The test started at Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) offices in Queensland and Victoria.

The test consists of multiple choices of questions of 20 which have to be answered via a computer, and the knowledge is based on the Citizenship Test Resource Book. The Australia citizenship test will be held in English only.

Kevin Andrews, Minister for Immigration and Citizenship said as 'We believe that it is important for new citizens to demonstrate that they have at least basic English and they understand the responsibilities and privileges of being an Australian citizen, Australian Citizenship provides for an overriding commitment to Australia, our laws, our values and our community. A Citizenship Test provides the means of ensuring that prospective citizens have such an understanding.

There are three mandatory questions and the pass mark for the test is 75 per cent. Those who didn't pass the examination can sit for the examination till they pass it.
Applicants who are younger than 18 years or 60 years or older will not be required to sit for the test. And those suffering from a permanent mental or physical incapacity that means they cannot understand the nature of their application also not necessary to sit for the examination.

Test sites will be located in all capital cities and in major regional centers to meet demand. Further to 13 DIAC offices, test sites will be rolled out at 30 Medicare Australia and four Centrelink offices which will be administered by DIAC staff.

Types of test

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