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Australia Visas Skilled Migration.

11:19 AM 9/23/2016

Australia's General Skilled Migration and Employer Sponsored visa programs are expected to offer visas to move in to the Austraila terriority. There are many programs that will allow skilled professionals sponsored by an employer or state/territory government or they can come in to Australia with out a job offer, but must full fill some regulations.

Australia is considered to be one of the world's major 'immigration nations'(together with New Zealand, Canada and the USA). Since 1945, when the first federal immigration portfolio was created, over 7.5 million people have settled here and Australia's overseas-born resident population—estimated to be 28.2 per cent of the population in June 2015—is considered high compared to most other OECD countries.

Permanent migrants enter Australia via one of two distinct programs—the Migration Program for skilled and family migrants or the Humanitarian Program for refugees and those in refugee-like situations. Each year, the Australian Government allocates places, or quotas, for people wanting to migrate permanently to Australia under these two programs.

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