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Information on Australia Tourist Visas.

In most cases a decision on your application will be ready two working days after you lodge it, but will take longer if you need to undergo medicals or if we ask for more information. Information on tourist visas is available on the DIMA website at and on the Australia Visa Application Centre website at The Australian Visa Application Centre.

If Your Application Is Refused.
If your application is refused, you will receive a letter giving the reasons for the visa refusal. The letter will advise whether your sponsor or relative in Australia has a review right. Applications which are refused cannot be reconsidered by anyone at the Australian High Commission. No further correspondence or discussion will be entered into. It is open to refused applicants to lodge a fresh application, which will be considered on its merits. Experience has shown, however, that unless new and different information is submitted that the decision is unlikely to change.

Tourist Visa applications are most often refused because the decision maker is not satisfied that, on the evidence provided in the application, the applicant would abide by visa conditions and depart Australia at the end of any approved stay. The reason for this may be that the decision maker is not satisfied that the applicant has shown sufficient commitments to ensure their return home.

If you intend a genuine short visit to see close family in Australia but have difficulty demonstrating your commitments to return, you should consider applying under the Sponsored Family Visitor Visa category.

Apply for the Australian visas from Maldives.
The Maldives Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Male has copies of visa application forms and may provide assistance to citizens of the Maldives in lodging an application with the AVAC.

Other people resident in the Maldives will have to make their own arrangements for lodgment and collection of applications and passports with Visa Application Centre (see * ). The Australian Visa Application Centre is unable to make these arrangements for you.

Electronic Visitor and Business Visas (ETA) for Certain Nationalities Passport holders of certain countries (including USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, most Western European countries and others) are eligible for grant of an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). This visa provides for short visits to Australia for tourism or business purposes.

It is electronic and no visa label will be placed in you passport.

The eligible nationalities are listed on the DIMA website here.

If eligible you can also obtain your visa from this site without visiting a visa office.
Alternatively, if you bring your eligible passport to the visa counter during lodgment hours you may be issued with an ETA visa free of charge. No application form or other documents are necessary.

Warning to Non-Genuine Applicants!
Australia has severe penalties for those who break immigration law. It is an offence under Australian immigration law to provide false documents or make misleading statements in a visa application. Your application will be refused and in addition you may be barred by law from making further applications for a period of years.
You are strongly advised not to listen to people who tell you they can 'arrange' a visa for a sum of money. Information and assistance is available from the Visa Office for those who intend to obtain their visa legally and abide by the conditions laid down in Australian law.

Please ensure that you obtain an official receipt for money you pay for a visa or visa-related services. Note also that anyone providing false or misleading information with intent to deceive an official into granting a visa fraudulently is breaking Sri Lankan law. Anyone who provides false or fraudulent documentation in support of a visa application may also be breaking Sri Lankan law and may be handed over to the police.
This is only information, for the latest information on this, you have to verify with the correct authority.

What is Humanitarian Visas Read More More Info

This web page is only a guide, Please contact the correct person or visit the official websites for current information.

Australian Tourist Visas - Countries that are allowed to apply for the online tourist visas.

Andorra Luxembourg
Austria Malaysia
Bahrain Maldives
Belgium Malta
Brunei Monaco
Bulgaria The Netherlands
Canada Norway
Chile Oman
Croatia Poland
Cyprus Portugal
Czech Republic Qatar
Denmark Romania
Estonia Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Finland San Marino
France Singapore
Germany Slovak Republic
Greece Slovenia
Hong Kong (SAR) South Korea
Hungary Spain
Iceland Sweden
Ireland Switzerland
Italy Turkey*
Japan United Arab Emirates
Kuwait United Kingdom - British Citizen
Latvia United States of America
Liechtenstein Vatican City

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