Venezuela accepts Edward Snowden’s asylum request.

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Venezuela accepts Edward Snowden’s asylum request.







According to available news Venezuela has been accepted Edward Snowden’s asylum request according to the country’s official. Edward Snowden’s asylum request to Venezuela has been accepted by the country’s officials, but the NSA leaker has not formally accepted. According to the Wikileaks the NSA leaker Snowden has not yet formally accepted” the offer that came from the Venezuela Government.
There are rumors going on saying that that Snowden – the wanted man of USA – had accepted the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s offer for asylum is going to  be transported out of Russia in short time.
But according to the Twitter page of WikiLeaks says “The states concerned will make the announcement if and when the appropriate time comes.”
From the beginning anti-US sentiment country Venezuela along with Nicaragua and Bolivia showed much interest to offer political asylum to Edward Snowden, mean while he had applied to nearly 12 countries and most of them were rejected as they don’t want to get confusion with the world’s number one super power nation.
This former NSA worker and leaker is currently staying in the transit area of a Moscow airport without a valid US passport. The main reason for his run away also depends on permission to use airspace and not to violate it. Entering through a country’s airspace with out permission will result with serious problems.

Source: Blue Line

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