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Read here what Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee says about the immigration reform.

Immigration reform not to be rushed.
Presently, our immigration laws do not prioritize immigrants based on the skills and education they bring to our country. We select only 12 percent of our legal immigrants on the basis of these qualities, whereas the other main immigrant-receiving countries of Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada each select more than 60 percent of their immigrants on this basis.

At the same time, we give away tens of thousands of green cards each year based on the luck of the draw through the diversity lottery. It’s clear that we need to have a serious conversation about the goals of our legal immigration system.

Our temporary agricultural guestworker program needs to be reformed so that it benefits U.S. growers, consumers and guestworkers. Our laws erect unnecessary hurdles for farmers who put food on America’s tables. Many growers find the current guestworker program so unworkable that they avoid using it altogether.

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