South Africa Match Fixing U turns.

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The South African Football Association took a U turn on their decision on suspended officials who were reported to be involved in the match fixing scandal which had involved with the South African national team during the pre World Cup warm up matches, saying they were improperly removed from office.

This match fixing scandal was exposed by the South African press last year and the SAFA didn’t take any action on the matter till it was taken by the FFA.

In December FIFA handed over a 500-page report of the fixing to SAFA after its investigation of convicted Singapore match fixer. The officials involved in this scandal were named were President Kirsten Nematandani, new chief executive Dennis Mumble and its top refereeing officials.

According to the FIFA report, there were allegations that the South African National team’s results against Thailand, Bulgaria, Colombia and Guatemala leading up the 2010 finals were fixed were fixed and implicated the nation’s officials.

According to media reports the South Africa’s football governing body has its own troubles too where infighting of members takes place and the financial position of it. Due to the Financial irregularities in the organization an independent audit firm is running the financial sector.

Mean while the Nations Cup tournament is going to open in South Africa on Jan. 19, 2013.

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