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American Visa Lottery Application Form DV-2018.

5:28 PM 10/26/2016

DV-2018 American visa lottery application forms are now available in the official website of the American Government. It was designed to be available during the entry submission period in this year 2016. Those who want to participate in to this draw must check whether they meet the required eligibility. If they meet all the eligibility requirements then only they are requested to submit their online application form along with their digital photo file through the official website. The eligibility requirements for the diversity visa lottery are simple but they are very strict and this is not a fun lottery. Visit this page regularly to read more information on this official visa lottery draw that will allow you to immigrate to the USA in quick time with less expense, if you are eligible and a lucky person.

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DV Lottery Eligibility:

Applicant's birth should have happened in an eligible country. (For other eligibility means check the DV-2018 Instructions.)

If your birth is happened in an eligible country you can participate in the draw even if you are now living in another country.

There is no need for the applicant to be fluent in English to participate in the visa lottery draw.

Applicant must have successfully passed the high school certificate, after attending 12 years of education in Junior and High School, or must have 2 years of work experience within the last 5 years in an occupation after learning it for 2 years. And it should be listed in the Onet list of the US Labor Department.

Unmarried person is allowed to submit ONLY one application form as Single person.
Married person also accepted. He must include his spouse and all their eligible children in his application form.

Multiple Entries by a primary applicant with his name will not be accepted through the DV lottery website.

DV-2017 Diversity Visa Lottery Results are now available ONLINE to be checked.

DV Lottery Official American Visa Lottery program - opening and closing dates of the DV-2018.

Opened on 4th October 2016.
Will close on 7th November 2016.

The entry accepting website will be kept open 34 days.

Eligible country list for the current DV program allows you to check if your country is allowed to participate or not. Do it before you proceed with the application form submission.

For example, Nigeria and Bangladesh born people along with some other country born people were not allowed to participate in the last year held program as they had sent more than 50,000 people to the USA, within the last 5 years period. For the visa lottery program DV 2018, Ecuador natives are eligible to submit their entries in thei lucky name draw.

Winners in the last year held draw are requested to use the online visa application form DS-210 and not to follow the old processing method of sending visa application forms by sending through postal mail or courier service. Winners in the USA can contact USCIS office to change their status to LPR when their case numbers are going to be current.

Selected winners living outside of the USA must contact the local US consular office, when their case numbers are current.

From October 2016, winners of the DV-2017 program are being called for the visa interviews according to their case numbers. Likewise those winners in the USA are allowed to change their current US status to the USA LPR status, if they are eligible. Already case numbers are published in the visa bulletin page for the DV-2017 winners.

The facility for providing the PR visas for the winners of DV-2016 was officially closed on 30th September 2016. After this date your winning in the said visa lottery program is null.

DV-2017 Green card lottery program will will close officially on 30th September 2017.

Source: U.S.State Department.

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