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Multiple Entries Will Disqualify DV Lottery Winner.

1:23 PM 7/22/2016

According to the DV Lottery instructions a person can submit ONLY one entry in any of the fiscal year draw with his name as primary applicant.

The American Government is using many sophistcated techniques to catch those people who are submitting multiple DV Lottery entries with their name and photo and trying to cheat the American Government.

From the DV-2017 diversity visa lottery program onwards, if anybody tried to submit a duplicate entry the system used to tell them that this is a duplicate entry and there is one entry already exixts with persons' name in the system.

In the DV-2016 visa lottery program if anyone is selected as winner and if they had submitted multiple entries, they are not eligible to be issued with an American visa at the time of their interview. So when they pay their visa fees and attend the visa interview, the interviewing consular officer will check whether you have multiple entries in the system. You may have entered only one entry in to the draw, may be one of your friend or your old agent would have entered one entry with your name and you don't know about it.

When the officer finds out that you have more than one entry with your name, your visa will be rejected and your visa processing fee too will not be returned to you. So you will lose the visa and the visa processing fee too.

You are a winner in the DV-2016 Visa Lottery program.

How to check whether you have multiple entry or not?

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