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How To Make Cheap International Calls?

To make cheap international calls you must have access to a computer which is connected to the internet or you must have smarts phone which can connect to internet or VoIP phones which can be connected to the internet through LAN or Wi-Fi.

First of all if you have the computer and internet facility go to the and download the "SKYPE" program. Run the program as per the instruction. Become as a member and add all your friends and relatives. Now if they are online any time you can call them and talk with them for free through a head phone. You can also use web cams to view each other.

You may go to the Skype web site and can buy Skype out using your credit card.
Once you have money in your account you can call any Land Line or mobile phones any where in the world from your computer for cheap price. Also they offer many packages like unlimited calls for a small fee. Check their web site.

Most of the Smartphones and Tablet PC allow you to install Skype and make Skype calls for free with your online friends. Specially through the Wi-Fi hotspots.
So here is another one from Vonage.

With Vonage's VoIP service (Voice over Internet Protocol), you make and receive calls through your high-speed broadband Internet connection using your existing home phone. Vonage converts sound into data, sends it over the Internet, and converts it back into sound at the other end. The people you talk with will never know the difference because a VoIP call sounds just like a regular phone call.

The person you're calling doesn't need to have Vonage or an Internet connection on their side, they just need a phone. And, just as it always has, your phone rings when someone calls you. You use your same touch-tone phone; you're just connecting it to Vonage instead of your old phone company. Also, using Vonage doesn't affect your computer usage...continue to surf the web or send and receive email with no problem!

What are the things you will need to use the Vonage?

Also there are many other VOIP companies which offer very low international calling service with out a computer. You can check them too before you settle for any service.

Good VoIP call providers use to give their clients free calls to 40 countries under the fair usage plan.

Try cheap calls.

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