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How to Send Free SMS text messages.

Sending Free SMS text messages are possible through internet connected PC or laptop to mobile phones all over the world. Some of the mobile phone carriers may charge for the incoming SMS messages from their mobile phone customers. Many web sites and mobile phone operators are offering this service as a free one through their web sites. To use these services you must become as a member in these web sites. Some operators offer inboxes to receive reply messages for their members. Most of the carriers allow SMS text message service to send and receive messages in English only. Although in many countries local languages are too allowed to use many languages. For example Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, Sinhala and many more languages can use the mobile platform for the SMS service.

Normally all mobile phone carriers allow short messages to have maximum 160 characters in one go. If more than 160 characters entered it will be sent as second SMS text message. Those who offer short messages with out any charges may give you only 100 characters and the rest 60 will be used by them to send sponsored advertisements to cover the cost and get profit.

Many web sites lure visitors with advertisements and other methods to get visitors and cheat them as they have the web site to mobile phone sms facility and if you send any messages through them, those messages will never reach the destination. So take care of these web sites.

If you want to send free SMS messages to Sri Lanka mobile phones and CDMA phones you can join the web site and become as a member and use their service to send messages to Dialog, Mobitel, Etisalat and Hutch. Also they offer an inbox for the sender to receive replies from mobile phones.

Mobitel Sri Lanka allows its members to receive message through emails. To send messages you can use

Dialog mobile phone users in Sri Lanka also can receive emails as SMS if they enabled the service in their phone. But each message will be charged from the receiver. Also the Dialog offers free sms message as call me back in between the Dialog customers. Dialog Telekom have its web based SMS text message sending facility to their post paid members in the web site.

SMS Text Messages For new Year.

" New Yaer with New Promises for you and me.
Lets' welcome it."

"Wish you a Happy New Year"

"Happy New Year Wishes for my beat Friend."

"Happy New Year. May the God Bless you with all your wishes."

" Happy New Year, wish you all the best".

"Wish you Happy New Year. Give my regards to all your family members."

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SMS facility to Sri Lanka – SMS Srilanka.Com

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