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How to buy Used Cars.

Used cars or second hand cars are cheap to buy than buying a brand new car but the process may be a tricky one.

Import used car from Japan or from any other country.

To buy and import second hand cars and other vehicles there are many ways. The best way to select and import your car is that you have to go the company and select the desired cars. If you are going to buy only one car it is advisable that you contact a reputed second hand car exporting company from the country where you like. Japan is the famous one for second hand car buying and importing. Also Belgium, UK, Holland are other ones. If you are trying to buy from Japan check the web to find out whether your seller is registered with the association.

Once you selected your vehicle it can be transported by ships.

Give them a call or send one email about your request and inform them what you want. And check how they are responding to your request.

If you contact them they will say the price in FOB. Where FOB means for Free On Board which means shipper/trader pays only costs up to the ship and Insurance cost, but freight charges is paid by the Buyer/Consignee.

When ordering your vehicle don't forget to mention the following

Also you can tell them to fit extra accessories like stereo, A/C and other things.

If you are going to buy a used car which is also called as second hand car in your country it is good idea than buying a new car.

First decide on the model and year of the car and the price. Of course this may change when you see a good offer at the sales depot.

First check for the service record.

Get your mechanic to do a test run.

See all the extras like A/C, music player, speakers, lighter, extra wheel and its condition, lights, signal and so on.

These can cost you a lot which come in small and will come as a lot later.

Check the engine and chassis numbers to match the documents.

Finally go to your police station and tell them that you are going to buy the car in description as to make sure it is not wanted by police and hiding in someone's yard.
If the seller says some people are offering good money for it, tell him to sell it to that person.

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