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How To Take Simple Close-up Photos.

The new Smartphone era makes everyone to be a photographer with the phone's in built 8 MP cameras, Led flash, digital zoom and photo editing apps that are loaded in to the devices. Many of the new generation people may not have chance to know about the 120 mm, 35 mm film rolls and Polaroid photography. Also may not know about the film speed, aperture, and depth of field, shutter speed and so on which were used on the simple photography cameras decades before.

Although the latest digital cameras still have some of these facilities for the user's convenience. So if you want to take a good close of photo of any object you have to decide on the available lighting first. Don't take photos facing the sun as it can damage your digital sensor too.

Close up photos can be made with any good camera, weather it is a modern digital cameras or film using still SLR cameras. To make the close up photo you will sure need a heavy tripod (a camera stand) that will not move or shake when you press the capture button.

First check the required distance between the object and the camera. You can find this information on the lens or in the camera's guide book. If you are not using sun light you will need lighting to view the object to this you can use your table lamp and a white board to reflect the light from the table lamp rather than setting the light direct on the object. If the object is shining one like a jewel, then you can a light box to avoid unwanted light reflection from the object.

First of all if the camera is a digital camera find out how to use the close up shot, normally there will be a button with a flower symbol. If you press this you are ready to take close up photos. But the important thing is that there will be no flash function in this mode. Set your digital photo size to available maximum size. To take close up photos with Film loaded SLR still cameras you will need Macro lens which your camera maker recommends you. Sometimes it may be necessary to have greater depth of field. With the Film cameras you don't have choice till you get the developed negative you view, but with digital camera you can try again and again till you get good snap of the object.

Slower shutter speed gives you the better capture of close up photos.

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