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How to Control angry and tensions.

Today most of the young people are getting angry very easily. This causes them many problems in their lives. To control angry and tensions there are many ways. Also control of angry and tensions were done through ancient Indian method of Meditation too. This medication was done by Indian saints and gurus and still most of the Indian elders follow them.

To start Medication you don't need a guru or some teacher. Here we explain you the way in simple method, which may help you to reduce your Angry and tension. You need to spend 30 minutes in the early morning or evening for this meditation practice (early morning is the best). If you like you can do it along with your other family members or friends. What you will need. A well lit room or hall where you don't get noise or disturbance from other people.

  • One time clock to check the current time during your meditation practicing session.
  • Freshly washed white dress.
    (a loose pajama and a white T-shirt)
  • A clothe sheet to spread on the floor to sit.
  • And now, here is how to do Meditation.
  • Get your shower.
  • Wear your fresh clothes.
  • Switch off your Mobile phone, Radio, TV and any other sounds which may disturb you while you are practicing medication.
  • Spread the sheet on the floor and sit in the "Lotus Position" facing towards east.
  • Keep your clock visible in front of you.
  • Stretch and rest your hands on your nee.
  • Now you are in a straight sitting and relax position.
  • Choose a name or sentence. (Better your god's name)
  • Look the time and close your eyes.
  • Start that word inside of you and repeat it again and again in that position.
  • You have to do this for the remaining 30 minutes.
  • If you want to check the time doesn't open your eyes suddenly, slowly open and check and close them again.
  • In the process you may think of many things, your life, work, friends, parents and many more, think about them, but come back to the word again and repeat it.
  • Till you pass 30 minutes.
  • Do this for 40 days and then you will see a different "you".

This is the best method to control angry and tension which is practiced by millions of Indians for thousands of years..

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