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How to Guard your Credit Card.

Today nearly all people have a credit card. In the earlier days you have to apply for a Credit card showing that every month you earn sufficient money. Now times are changed, if you work in a reputed company or have good wealthy friends the credit card company will give you that plastic card with buying power. If you didn't pay in time you will be charged for the missing payment with interest. So pay the bill every time it reaches you, to avoid the annoying interest payment.

If you are giving it to a person for to charge normally at gas stations, restaurants look carefully as he passes the card only in one machine. They may have another machine to capture your credit card's details. Later they will make a new card with your details and will start to use your money for their purchase or cash withdrawal from your account.

Don't take credit cards with high values. Of course you may be happy that you have higher value to spend but in case of theft you loose a lot of money.

When you make contract to get a new credit card tell the company to give you an alert on your mobile phone every time there was a purchase or withdrawal is done with your credit card.

If you are using your credit card on line to purchase, don't use public computers like from net café or shared computers.

Use only your personal computer. Also in that computer never open unknown people's attachments.

Never visit unknown websites which may place cookies to track your online activities. These attachments and websites may plant tracking malwares, spywares to capture your passwords serial numbers and will send them to crooks who there will be able to capture and use for their profit.

If your Pc suddenly change home page or new pages appearing beware there may be some programs running to track your credit card. If you lose your credit card call the card issuing company help desk and tell them what happened while get your balance amount too and note it.

If you think there is a billing error write to the "Billing Error address".

If your credit card been stolen or lost follow the things.

Immediately inform the incident to the credit card office through their hotline.

Send one fax message to them.

Lodge a complaint in the nearest police station.

Then apply for a new credit card.

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