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How to buy Cheap Air Tickets Online

Some Air lines used to sell air tickets online at promotional rate for selected international routes. There offer only a number of seats on selected dates to selected these destinations at very low price through the internet and from their official ticketing agents.

Low fare Air tickets purchasing can be done on Ticket booking websites through an internet connected computer. Normally this facility is available to a credit card holders and debit card holders only. There on the website they can select the flight as single trip or round trip the date, time, city of embarkation and city of disembarkation through the booking system. Then the fare can be paid through the credit card for the E-ticket. After this they will get the confirmation and printable E-ticket in their email in box.

They can make the printout of the ticket and can keeps with them as proof. On the time of checking in at the Airport, they must provide his E-Ticket printout to prove himself. Normally this means the person who bought the E-Ticket can only fly.

He can't transfer it to another person or anyone can't purchase an E-ticket with his Credit card for another person unless you have registered that person as a family member in that particular airline club.. Also if the credit card holder wishes he can buy E-Ticket for his relative or friend who will fly the same flight or round trip with him. Some flights like Srilankan air line have 9 person only limitation for a group to purchase E-tickets. You can't buy a E-ticket online with your credit card for another person to fly, this is the golden rule.

To purchase Master card and Visa card are widely accepted. These online special fares won't be available with the Travel agents according to many airlines' information.

To avoid fraud and scams Go directly to the official website directly typing the URL in the address bar and don't trust redirects.

For Srilankan Special Air ticket offers:

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