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How to find suitable jobs in Canada.

Jobs in Canada used to pay good salary for the hard working people with out any flow. A good secured job for a skilled person will not only pay the required salary but also many other benefits that ar related to the particular job by the job provider.
There are many ways to find a perfect job in Canada. To get such a good job offer you should be qualified in any of the professional field by education or training or by both. Even after getting your job don't stop the process of learning more about your job related field.

There are many ways to find a job.

From a Friend or Relative.
Through the Newspaper, TV, Radio and online advertisement.
By Registering in Job Banks ( web sites)
By Employment Resource Centers.

Employment Resource Centers are in a way give free advice, assistance and resources that are necessary for job seeking, making self employment and Career improvement or development.

These centers welcome people who are in need of help in the fields of federal and provincial labour legislation like labor standards and the employment standards act.
They will assist any one in the job skill talent, job options, future expectations, training and further education, job loss issues, women at work, the labour market, career planning and research along with self development.

There are many specialized resource centers which have been established to help people with special needs like newly arrived immigrants, women in work, youngsters, office staff, aboriginal people, and people with disabilities.

Resources will be have the following

An up-to-date library of job postings, daily newspapers, business magazines, directories, reference books, videos, training and labour market information and community resources.

Computers and typing tutorials, various job search materials (audio-visual-multimedia) the internet, telephones, fax machines and photo copiers You can get resume and cover letter writing, self marketing, interview skills, career planning, hidden job markets, internet job searches, and many more to get.

They provide every thing free, some time they may charge for phone calls, printouts and photocopies a minimal charge.

Don Mills Employment Resource Centre
1090 Don Mills Road, Suite 406,
Toronto, Ontario.
Major intersection: Lawrence Ave East & Don Mills Road.
Scarborough Central Community Employment Service
Progress Career Planning Centre
1200 Markham Road, Suite 400
Scarborough, Ontario.
Major intersection: Markham & Ellesmere
Phone: (416) 439-8448
Scarborough South Community Employment Centre
YWCA of Greater Toronto
3090 Kingston Road, 3rd Floor,
Scarborough, Ontario.
Major intersection: Kingston Road & McCowan
Phone: (416) 264-5788
Kennedy Employment Resource Centre
Centre for Education and Training
2425 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 300,
Scarborough, Ontario.
Major intersection: Kennedy & Eglinton
Phone: (416) 285-8876
Tapscott Employment Resource Centre
Centennial College and Toronto Social Services
5635 Finch Avenue East, Unit 9/10,
Scarborough, Ontario.
Major intersection: Finch & Tapscott
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