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How to get your visitor visa without refusal.

What is a visa? Visa ia a permission issued by a country for a person who want to travel to that particular country. The permission may be for Holiday vacationing for a short period, which is called as Tourist visa.

Like wise there are many types of Visas as Student Visa, Temporary Worker Visa, Pilgrimage maker visa, Visitor visa and much other kind of visas.

Depending the country's economy status, if that is a rich developed country many people want to go there, so that kind of country will have many types of visas for the people who want to visit there or permanently immigrate. No country is ready to take burden of a troubled country's citizen. If a country allows a person in to their country to travel or work, it is actually for the purpose of getting profit from that particular person like financial gain or getting his expertise service to their country.

So, if you are a visa officer at your country's Embassy, high commission or consulate in another country will you issue a tourist visa for a person to travel your country with just 100 US$ and a single ticket?

You know that money won't last for one week in your country for hotel accommodation and food. Then when he finished his money how he will go back to his own country? So will you issue a visa to that person? If you issued a Visa to that person will your job will last in your position as other official will found out that you have issued visa to a person who is not a genuine traveler without money and a return ticket.

The visa officers working in a Embassy, high commission or consulate will first care about his job. They will check all the available documents of an applicant weather they are true. If they have little suspicion over any paper or statement, there is chance for the Visa application for to be refused.

When you are submitting a visa application to enter a country and stay for a short period, At least you must submit the following things to get your visa without refusal.

  • Passport with more than 6 months of validity. Along with the old passports which you had previously.
    (Don't try to lie; most of the visa officers can get information from your immigration department.)
  • Personal Medical insurance and traveler insurance policy that must cover the country which you are intended to travel.
  • Your bank balance report of last 6 months. ( To prove that you have sufficient monthly income in your own country, which means you will come back after your visit.)
  • Confirmed Hotel reserversation in the cities where you are going to stay.
  • Letter from your travel agent of your travel plan and Flight ticket reservasation.
  • If you are going to stay with a relative or Family friend, he must send you a sponsor letter, stating that he will look after yourself.
  • It is necessary from them along with their bank balance of last 6 months and a letter confirming that as a guest you have an extra room for you to stay in their home. Better this letter must be certified by a lawyer.
  • If you are working in a place, get a letter from your boss for granting you the leave for the period.
  • General Medical fitness certificate from your doctor.
  • Properties, if have on your name.( photocopies certified as original)
  • Photocopies of your birth certificate, sponsor's birth certificate in English. (certified as original to prove your relationship.

We can't guarantee that you will get a visa, but these tips will help you.

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