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How to prevent Dandruff

Dandruff controlling is a big concern of all the people in the developed world. Many men are afraid to comb their hair after wearing a dark color suite of tuxedo. That will show off the fallen Dandruff along with hair on the shoulder pad in white color of the suite. At that moment they will think about taking care of the Dandruff, then will forget about it and will worry about it later.

Dandruff is white colored small, loose flakes of dead skin on the scalp. Dandruff is not a big thing to worry about, it will not cause balding. Dandruff is a natural product and it can not be eliminated or cured. But it can only be managed and controlled.

Dandruff may be caused by many different factors, but the exact cause of dandruff is unknown and still not agreed upon by the medical establishment.

Possible overgrowth of a kind of fungus on the scalp.oil glands on the scalp causes an increase of the natural skin shedding process or clogged oil glands may lead to excessive drying and flaking of the skin. Unhealthy diet, poor hygiene condition, genetic disposition, hormonal imbalances and infections may also contribute to dandruff. Dandruff is very rare to have any symptoms but itching of the scalp may occur.

Treatment and Prevention of DANDRUFF.
Use only your personal comb to comb your hair and regularly wash it with shampoo.
Don't use other people's comb and don't allow others to use your comb and explain them about the reason.

Use good hair oil to your head at least twice a week.

Use anti Dandruff Shampoo regularly following the shampoo manufacturer's instructions. After shampooing wash your hair very good.

Don't allow the shampoo to pass in your eyes, as it contains coal tar, pyrithione zinc, salicylic acid or selenium sulfide are available without a prescription. If you think that your Dandruff problem is a serious one then consults with your family physician.

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