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Australia flooded with low skilled temporary migrant workers on other visas.

Recent leaks from the Department of Immigration have revealed Australia's 457 visa scheme is riddled with visa fraud and rorts. These show that many workers in Australia's dedicated skilled migration scheme received their 457 visa under false pretences. Employers state that workers will perform a highly skilled job such as 'project co-ordinator' or 'contract administrator' but then employ them in low or semi skilled work. Clearly something needs to be done to address this situation but the reality is, problems with 457 visas reveal only a fraction of the low skilled work being done by migrants that is not adequately regulated.

There are two problems under the current law. First, migrant workers are vulnerable to exploitation and second, they may be taking jobs that should be available to Australians by performing work in areas where no real skill shortage exists, putting downward pressure on wages and conditions for local workers.

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