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Big events and Assylum Seekers

Lot of people from third world countries are looking for ways to enter in to developed countries and developing countries. Recently FIFA world cup football matches were held in Brazil and the Brazilian government issued lot of visas to foreigners. Now nearly 300 people are looking for assylum in Brazil citing that their country is not safe for them to live as some of them claim religious persecution, or violent conflict in their country for the reason. All of them came with tourist visas under the pretext that they going to watch FIFA world cup football matches.

This kind of assylum seekers are going to make the Brazilian Government to look in to its immigration policy to avoid such problems.

As per the reports, during the final week of the World Cup, the Ministry of Justice announced that 180 Ghanians had applied for political asylum in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Nearly 8,767 tourist visas were issued to Ghanians during the World Cup, and only 2,529 visas were used in Brazil. Already 1,397 of these tourists had left Brazil.

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