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Kuwait work visas to be restricted.

Kuwait government ministers are concerned about the increasing number of expatriates there. Currently the expats numbers 2/3 of the total population 3 million.

According to a Government minister's announcement they would reduce the number of expats in the country by at least 1m by culling 100,000 annually over the next ten years. In this plan, work visas may soon have to be screened by five separate government departments to reduce the number of foreign workers and fake visas.

A report released yesterday by the Supreme Council for Planning and Development showed the percentage of Kuwaitis in the country had fallen from 32.1 percent to 31.7 percent, although it does not indicate over what timeframe this occurred. This report attributes the decline to more foreigners arriving in the country rather than a declining birth rate among Kuwaitis.

Minister of Social Affairs and Labour has announced that no new work permits would be approved from April 1 and a new committee would be established to help crackdown on fake work visas and to fix loopholes in the present licensing system..It was not clear whether existing visas would be renewed.

Along with the members from the Migration General Department, Public Authority for Civil Information, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Kuwait Municipality and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, the committee would ensure better assessment of an application to prevent to use a fake company on a visa application or to sell on a work permit.

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