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New Business visa for New Zealand.

Monday, 24 March 2014, 3:55 pm

There are hopes for the people to obtain business visa for New Zealand through the new messures taken by the New Zealand Government. According to Minister of Immigration Hon Michael Woodhouse, the procedure will attract talent and create jobs in the country.

The new visa rules will encourage migrants to set up high-quality businesses by talented, well-connected business people invest, grow businesses in New Zealand and it is expected that this will create new jobs under the Entrepreneur Work Visa.
This issued under the point based system to provide more productive businesses. It replaces the Long-Term Business Visa, which was attracting too many low quality applications. More points will be offered for those people who are expanding or starting businesses outside of the Auckland region.

Points will also be offered for a number of other criteria including job creation, export potential, and a minimum capital investment of $100,000 will be required.

The new Entrepreneur Work Visa is expected to raises the bar to attract more innovative, export focused businesses to support economic growth and create jobs for all New Zealanders.

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