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News on Canada working holiday visas.

Canada to offer 10,000 working holiday visas for Irish residents this year, mean while New Zealand is offering jobs to those in the construction industry.

Canada's IEC (International Experience Class) Working Holiday Visa programme is to open in the coming months, with 10,000 places available for Irish workers in 2015.

People are waiting to fill and submit their forms for the available slots. These used to be offered in two stage. So you can wait for the second one if you missed the first one.

New Zealand is also calling for Irish workers to fill posts in the construction sector. In the region of 20,000 Irish workers have relocated to New Zealand in the last five years.

"Since 2011 approximately 18,000 Irish workers have travelled to New Zealand for work and, with 4,000-5,000 expected to leave this year the total number of the last five years will surpass 20,000," said Ms Shanahan.

According to reports from Statistics New Zealand tradespeople have become Canterbury's indispensable migrants, with bricklayers, carpenters and joiners topping a Statistics New Zealand 'most wanted' list.

Vacancies they are looking to fill include scaffolders, carpenters, plumbers, and also qualified mechanics.

Applicants may apply for a working holiday visa or a work permit visa, the latter requiring a job offer in advance. A skilled migrant visa gives permanent residency, but takes up to a year to come through.


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