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Online Indian Tourist Visas.

Foreign passport holders used to stay in Queue at Indian consulates for to get their visas to make their trip to India. Now 43 country people can apply for the Online Indian visas and can get it on their arrival in any one of the 9 Indian arrival points.
Tourists from the US, Australia, Brazil, Germany and Japan are now eligible to get their visas on arrival in India after its limited scheme was extended. Visitors from nearly 43 countries no longer have to queue up at local consulates as they are eligible for the online visa system.

In the year of 2012 alone India received 6.58 million tourists and it is far fewer than Asian countries like Thailand and Malaysia.

Previously the online visas were offered only to visitors from 12 countries.

So for these people they don't need to wait several weeks to learn whether they would be allowed to enter India after submitting their applications at visa processing centers.

Long Period Business Visas for Eight SAARC Nations. PM Modi.

During the SAARC Summit in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu, indian PM Narendra Modi said that the Indian State is planing to offer 5 - 8 years long term Business visas for the eight numbers of the SAARC members. This action is expected to boost the trade between the member countries once the plan is endorsed by them.

The SAARC organization was formed in the year 1985 by India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives. The new member Afghanistan was granted membership in the year 2007.

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