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More Than 200 Passports Missing With Saudi Visas.

Over 200 passports belonging to Nepali migrant workers, most stamped with work visas for Saudi Arabia, disappeared under mysterious circumstances while they were being brought back to the country from Bangladesh on February 8.

The owner of recruiting agency Memorial Overseas, Lok Prasad Aryal, had been carrying the passports sent by nine manpower companies. Work visas for Saudi Arabia are stamped in Bangladesh in the absence of the Gulf country's embassy in Nepal.

"They were in my luggage when I boarded a Biman Bangladesh plane for Kathmandu. However, they were gone by the time I arrived at the Tribhuvan International Airport," Aryal told the Post over telephone from Bangladesh.

Around 110 passports were with visas, 25 without them and 60 driving licences too were included.

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