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Saudi Arabia to restrict Hajj and Umrah visas.

Saudi Arabia has decided to cut the visas to elderly persons, pregnant women or children who want to perform their hajj and umra pilgrimages. This is another step by the authorities to prevent the spread of the of MERS coronavirus. The news came through the circular that was issued by the Saudi health ministry to all doctors who are doing medical examinations on behalf of them.

According to the circular "elderly persons, pregnant women, children and people affected by chronic diseases, notably people with cardiac, diabetic or respiratory disease, kidney or immune-system deficiencies, will be unable to obtain a visa this year," the circular said.

Recently a statement posted on its website on Saturday, the Saudi health ministry urged people in these categories not to perform the hajj.

World Health Organization (WHO), so far the MERS had taken 45 lives where 38 of them in Saudi Arabia citizens. WHO didn't suggest against the hajj and umrah pilgrimage to the Saudi Arabia.

Source: Saudi Live.

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