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Visas News March 2015.

Saudi Arabia offers online visa facility for expatriate workers family.

Government of Saudi Arabia now offers online visa facility to the expatriate workers from different countries to join with their family easily. This facility will offer expatriate worker's immediate family members that will include spouses and children to join them in the kingdom quickly as the new system is expected to offer quick action plan. Ministry of Interior's (MoI) has launched this new online visa facility recently.

China to Offer Long Term Visas Fro Canadian.

Recently the Chinese Government had announced plan to offer long term visas to Canadian passport holders when they want to visit China on business or touring purpose. According to China Government they are going to offer 10-year multiple-entry visas for Canadian business and tourist visitors. This will benefit both countries and specially those Canadian Companies and their expanding their business in China.

Americans must get visas to enter Venezuela.

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro had decided to apply entry visa system for Americans who are going to visit their country.

The reason is to keep up with the national security of their country. There will be request for the reduction of American Embassy staff in Venezuela. They had already planned to charge American visitors with the same tourist visa fees that the U.S. Government is charging the Venezuelans. And the payment should to be made in American dollars.

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