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23/10/2014 | BBSNetting

USA Ebola Crisis.

Lawmakers are requesting the U.S State Department to restrict visas to the West African country people as there is a big danger of Ebola virus sperading through them in the country. Nearly 100 people are applying for the U.S. visas through the American embassies that are located in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Administration are planing to deny entry to suspected patients or to keep them in quarantine prior to allow them in to the country.

Mean while China seems to have stopped issuing visas for tour groups that are heading to Hong Kong as large numbers of pro-democracy protests grip the semi-autonomous city according to the tour operators in Hong Kong.

Australia - unemployed Australian teaching graduates.

Nearly 8,000 Australian teaching graduates are looking for suitable placement in the teaching sector with reasonable salaray..But there is problem of the usage of the 457 scheme where foreign teachers are flooding in to Australia to take jobs in the schools and early childhood centres.

Many reputed education schools are favoring this 457 visas and recruit foreign candidates to fill their vacancies.

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