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Visa News, September 2014.

Thailand immigration officials are expected to allow online business making people to work in their country with tourist visas. Foreigners with multiple tourist visas and exit-entry stamps were being denied entry at the borders as a way ofcrackdowns on foreigners working on tourist visas has created uncertainty recently. Most affected foreign workers are the ones who took up teaching posts in local schools with tourist visas.

US EB-5 immigrant investor visas.

EB-5 immigrant investor visas for the first time in the program's history has exhausted after lot of Chinese business people had got them by investing $500,000 or more and to create 10 jobs inside America. Those eligible ones will be issued with Green cards (LPR) to live and work in the USA. There are free to enter and leave the USA with ouyt any difficulties.

Under the US EB-5 immigrant investor program every year 10,000 visas were offered to those investors. For the first time in this program history this year it had reached the maximum numbers and had exhausted.

Australian refugee visas.

There are expectations that the Australian Government may reintroduce temporary protection visas for the refugees.

Many politicians want children to be released from detention centres. Earlier the Australian government had announced that they would release 150 children who are aged under 10 along with their families. These chilkdren and their families had arrived by boat before July 19 and held in mainland detention centres. Mean while hundreds of boat people will remain locked up on Nauru and Christmas Island.

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