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Visa News April 2014.

H1-B visa cap was filled in just 5 days. 2015 fiscal year quota for the highly skilled workers visas were offered by the American Government and the companies looking for these people from overseas jumped for this occasion and had submitted their entries and the 85,000 visas within 5 days of time.

This is normal happening in the USA and because of this Business executives are asking for more slots in this category to bring in as there are shortage of local supply in the fields of IT sector and Engineering field.

Saudi to offer seasonal work visas.

Saudi Government had announced that the seasonal work visas will be available only in the Makkah and Madinah towns. This is to reduce visa trafficking and system manipulation. And to stop foreigners overstaying in the country, agents are advised on completing their projects with their temporary workers in timely manner.
The recent proposal says that the seasonal work visas, temporary work visas or visa extensions will each cost SR1,000. Labor Ministry inspectors will be permitted to enter institutions during the Haj season to make sure that all those foreign workers are legally employed.

There had been guide lines issued that employers who have laborers to undertake the tasks that they were originally hired for and warned that violators will have to pay fines.

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