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3,000 workers from Sri Lanka return using Saudi Arabia's amnesty.

According to the Saudi law, overstaying visa or not having a corrected working visa can result in heavy fines, deportation or even prison. Recently Saudi Arabian government announced a special amnesty for those visa violators. Nearly 3,000 Sri Lankan workers who are with the expired visas returned to their home using the special amnesty after obtaining a pass for leaving the country without being punished from the Saudi Immigration and Emigration Department. They are the first batch of workers to return back home under the Amnesty.

There are currently tens of thousands of expatriate workers in the Kingdom with expired visas and there is a big delay in releasing temporary visas for such a large number of people.

Those workers return home during the amnesty period can return back for employment in Saudi Arabia, after renewing or adjusting their visas as there is a big demand for the Arab speaking experienced workers.

The Saudi government has extended the amnesty period recently from July 3 to Nov 4 due to the large number of applicants applying for to return to their homes with out paying any fines.

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