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Higher Education In Canada.

Every year lot of International students select Canada as their high education country where they can select plenty of schools, colleges and universities. Canada Government take cared to screen only the genuine students to issue their student visa to continue with their higher education in Canada educational Institutions.

Canada International Students. Work while you study, work after graduation.

Canadian Government allows International students to work certain period while they are following their course and after completing their education over there. Canadi8an Government is very strict on this as many students try to abuse this work while learning in Canada.

A student can work in his campus, if he have valid student permission and must be a full time student at a College or university (a public post-secondary institution). You can work off campus too.

To start to work off campus, you must apply and get a work permit before you start to work while you study. The work permit will allow you to work 20 Hours per week during your study Terms. And you can work full time in your winter, summer holidays and spring break period.

List of Participating Institutions for Off-Campus Work Permits for International Students.

Working in Canada after your graduation.
Post-Graduation Work Permit Program Students who have graduated from a participating Canadian post-secondary institution can work according to Post-Graduation Work Permit Program. This is for the graduate to get some valuable Canadian work experience in their related studies.

This Program allows the graduates to work one year in the areas of Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

In the other parts of Canada they can work up to 2 years.

Further more the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program will not allow the graduate to work more than the period of their studies. If one is finished a certificate program in 8 months time, then the person will be allowed to work not more than 8 months of period. If you graduate from a four-year degree program, you could be eligible for a one- or two-year work permit if you meet the criteria.

Work permits for students: Working after graduation.
Who can apply? See here

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