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Chinese Government Scholarship Program.

Chinese Government is offering many kinds of educational scholarships. This is only for the international students who meet their minimum educational qualifications. They may be available between 2-7 years of higher education depending the course.

Chinese Government Scholarship Program
From China Scholarship Council Date: 2013-01-17

Bachelor's degree
Master's degree
Doctoral degree
Chinese language training
General scholar
Senior scholar.

According to the regulations stipulated by MOE, all undergraduate programs for international students are instructed in Chinese. Applicants with no command of Chinese are required to take the college preparatory courses for one to two years before pursuing major studies. And only by passing the examinations of the college preparatory courses could they start their university studies.

Full Scholarship

Applicants can choose one academic program and three institutions as their preferences from the Chinese HEIs designated by MOE. Please check the Directory of Chinese Higher Institutions Admitting International Students under Chinese Government Scholarship Program. Only the listed Chinese HEIs in the Directory are available to the applicants for their study in China.

More information: Here.

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