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Study In Malaysia.

Malaysia is a good country for your education if you are looking for a good place to study. Currently students from more than 100 countries are studying in Malaysia. The education system is well planned and the country offers reasonable tuition fees, lower living cost and good transport system for the students. There are many courses ranging from diploma to degree to PhD in private schools, private colleges, private universities and public universities in Malaysia. Also the higher educations are using English as the teaching language, while English is the second language in use and widely spoken by everyone.

The academic staff at the higher educational institutions is with good teaching skill while most of them are graduated from well recognized universities in UK, USA, Australia, Germany and New Zealand.

There are many degree programs available for the international students from reputed foreign universities through affiliated program, where the students can obtain degree with affordable tuition fees and less total cost when comparing the expenses of studying the same degree in another developed country. Also there are facilities for post graduate students to do research in public universities as well as in private universities.

Seasons in Malaysia.
This is a sunny tropical country with rain and cloudy days. There is no snow. And most of the most of the universities are with air conditioned.

Religious Malaysia.
Official religion is Islam and most of the citizen practices it. But there are other major religions like Hindus, Christians and many more religions are exit there. People are living there with religious harmony.

Food is not a problem for the students as Malay dishes, European, Indian and Chinese dishes are available in all places at affordable prices. Furthermore international food outlets too are available in important places.

Most of the campus offers hostel facilities at reasonable rates. Many of them offer A/C rooms with water, washing machines electricity and internet connections. Students can get their private rooms for rent near to their campuses too.

Transportation is available for the students around their universities in the form of Public Buses, Taxis and Light Rail Transit System.

If you look at the living cost in a city, it will be around US$ 3600 per annum. If you find your education in a small city it will be less cost as compared to big cities.

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