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Distance learning

Distance learning or Distance education is in a way unique and useful one for the students who are living in the third world countries. Students are requested to pay very low fee. When you comparie this fee with the fee those student's are paying overseas education is far more cheap and affordable one for them. IMF is funding this distance learning along with the local Government bodies. In this Distance learning students and the professors are not in the same place when teaching and learning was being done. Select a day, your time, any place to study. An African student can learn most of the available courses from an American professor in the comfort of his home in Africa with the assistance of PC or laptop connected to the Internet. He can access the online Library where millions of course books are available. If necessary these e-books can be downloaded easily. Many materials for his selected topic of studies can be searched and found without any problem.

If you had finished your GCE O/L, GCE A/L or University Degrees, then you have lot of courses to select from the available courses to study through distance learning. Many African students use their solar powered Tablets to follow these courses.

Anyone can Study at his Convenience, Can save money on the travel and boarding in expensive rooms or in hostels. Do your preferred job and can study. Distance learning students can work on projects with different students from different countries through the internet. If you are in the field of research, you have got enough time to do that. You can control your studies while can control your kids if have any. Also in the distance learning, you can read or view your education material as much time you want. More than this Distance learning makes you, as a self and independent learner. You have thousands of courses offered by thousands of Universities worldwide.

There are many U.S.A, UK, Australia and Indian universities offer online education programs which are expensive but will offer you a accredited graduate certificate from the respective universities.

Check here by answering a, b, c for the questionnaire and decide if distance learning is suitable for you. Check here.

Also you need to be familiar with the following things.

Speaking, Hearing and Writing. A television and VCR , voice-mail, a word processor, a computer and modem for e-mail and on-line research.

Many Universities charge a nominal fee for the course. Select a suitable one for you.

Here is a good link to read about this topic

Madurai Kamaraj University was formally inaugurated on 6-2-1966. The University is situated 13 kms away from Madurai City on the Madurai-Theni main road.

In 1971, the Institute of Correspondence Course and Continuing Education was started. In 1996, it was renamed as Directorate of Distance Education (DDE).

Available Courses at Madurai Kamaraj University for Distance learning.

You heard That NASA is for space research only. But do you know they help you in your studies too. From Young students to researchers can study their programs, which they are offering.

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