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Casio Online Education

Casio Electronics is offering online courses in their Sony Learning Center website. To study these courses, you must register with them first. You can register in their web site free of charge. Then you can select courses to study online. Currently many youngsters are joining this online education service offered by Casio Electronics. In this education system, Casio have about four main sections. They are offering nearly 20 online courses you can learn on the internet.

We wish you good learning.

ClassPad300 Plus

ClassPad 101 Online Training Course. Casio is Making Math Easy! With the ClassPad 101 Online Training Course. This course features our ClassPad 300Plus graphing calculator. Casio will award* a ClassPad 300Plus graphing calculator to any participants who complete all of the modules.

FX-9860G Slim
Learn & Earn with self-paced FX-9860G Slim 101 Online Training Course With the introduction of our new graphing calculator, the FX-9860G Slim, Casio is offering a multi-module Online Training course. Upon completion, you will see how Casio is Making Math Easy! Casio will award* a $100 debit card to any participants who complete all of the modules.

Start the new school year with the FX-300ES 101 Online Training Course In fall 2007, Casio will introduce the FX-300ES 101 Online Training Course. Learn how to master the scientific calculator that is ideal for.

FREE Classroom Technology - Casio Rewards Program
Casio's new rewards program allows you to accumulate points toward FREE products. Here's how it works:

  1. Register as a Casio Rewards Program member on the website
  2. Purchase qualifying calculator products and accessories and save the associated UPC codes.
  3. Complete the rewards submission form and submit with appropriate documentation to receive your free products

Here's an example of the FREE products you can receive:
Any town School District purchased 1,000 fx-9750G Plus graphing calculators for their high schools and, after registering for the rewards program online, received 140,000 Casio Reward Points (1 fx-9750G Plus = 140 Casio Points).

After sending in the submission form and UPC codes, they are now eligible to redeem these points for the following FREE products: 30 fx-9750G Plus calculators OR 10 ClassPad 300 graphing calculators OR 3 RM9000 sets that include the teacher model of the calculator and the panel for the overhead projector OR 4 digital cameras The possibilities are endless!

Go here, for qualifying reward program products and redemption middle grades through high school

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