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Get in to the "it " field, get microsoft certified

You heard about Microsoft as an IT giant. Do you know they offer you Education, Training, and Examination, if success they give you Microsoft certificates for your future to develop with their Named certificate to find good jobs World wide. Every one who touches and learns quickly thinks about becoming a IT professional. This field is very big with never die business and in many fields with thousands, and giving jobs to millions. Information technology (IT) is really broad field that really covers all the aspects of managing and processing information.

IT professionals in this field design, develop, support, and manage computer software, hardware, and networks. From the early years to recent times, the IT industry has stabilized, with good job growth rate, and now rising steadily, and continues to changes in order to meet the needs of the business world.

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IT Professionals, Managers, Educators, Beginners, and about IT Solutions Learning. Take your own time and follow the suitable section which is good for you according to your qualification.

Here you can find what is the growth rate for USA according to their report.

Help desk/end user support15%
Internet/intranet development13%
Application development11%
Data/database management10%
Project management5%
System analysis4%
No growth7%
Other/don't know12%

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