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Australia DV-Lottery.

Australia DV-Lottery is promoted only in the emails. Actually the Australia Government doesn't have such a visa lottery program or it doesn't have any idea to introduce it in the coming years. Scam mail senders used to send emails with the topic Australia DV-Lottery to unsuspecting people specially in the Africa region in the hope of making some money from them.

The only Government to use such a visa lottery program is the United States of America. So the scam people use this visa lottery program's name to cheat with the other countries too. Plenty people had lost their money by believing in such fake lotteries. Most of the email sending people had been traced to be located in London and Thailand.

Mean while Australia Government offers work visas through the legal means to the professional people who have passed the degree programs and have good work experience. People in the countries near to Australia are offered with temporary worker visas during the harvesting period for to work in the farms.

There are no other work visas available for the unskilled workers to work and live there.

If you are interested in working temporarily or permanently in the Australian territory - visit their Government web site to get more information about the process.

Mean while Australia born people and those who had married to them can participate in the USA diversity visa lottery program.

So don't believe in the Australian visa lottery program any more if you get any email notification about it.

The following visas are closed to all new applications from 01/07/2012:

Skilled – Independent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 175)

Sponsored (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 176)
Regional Sponsored (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 475)

The following visas will be closed to all new applications from 31/12/2012

Skilled – Sponsored (Residence) Visa (Subclass 886)

Independent (Residence) Visa (Subclass 885)
Regional Sponsored (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 487)

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