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Blue Card - EU.

Blue Card permit for workers to work in the EU countries are now available. But not all the EU countries are offering these job offers. These are available only for the non EU professional only. For this they must have a recognized university degree to get the Blue card they must proof of their qualifications and a job offer which should provide the annual gross earnings of around 44,800 Euros. Most of the jobs don't have language barrier.

Spouses of the Blue Card holders can qualify for a dependent permit without the need to apply for employment authorization.

Take note that most EU countries unskilled and low skilled workers a recruitment ban is still in place and access to the labour market remains very limited.

Germany Blue Card.
Germany has recently allowed highly qualified workers come into effect on 1 August 2012. This EU Blue Card which is a residence permit intended for highly skilled third state nationals seeking employment in Germany.

More information on the Blue Card initiative is available online at:

Also check for Poland, Romania, France and Slovak EU Blue Card.

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