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Canada Visa Lottery.

You have seen many advertisements and promotional emails coming to your inbox as Canada visa lottery and Canada visa lottery application form and many others. They may urge you to participate in the Canada visa lottery through the online application form.

The truth is Canada visa lottery program doesn't exist. Don't look for that program and don't believe about it. According to the Canadian Government there are many kinds of visas available for the foreign born people to apply according to their purpose of visit. Only American Government is operating the diversity visa lottery to allow people from low immigration countries to live permanently in America. To enter this program people need to have qualified with high school certificate and must be from an allowed country for the eligibility.

The Canadian Government offers this opportunity more easily than the USA, to all country people who are eligible to immigrate with the points system they offer. People need educational qualification, vocational training and work experience to start their immigration process to obtain the work permit. Because of this, they don't need to operate a visa lottery program.

Many Scam email senders are using this program name to cheat and make money from people who are looking for green pasture in Canada. Also the scammers use to send emails stating Canadian hotels and other institutions names as they offer work and visas for a fee. Once the scammer get his fee he will vanished.

If you are looking for a work visa or skilled worker visa in Canada contact the nearest Canadian consular office or visit their web site to learn about their programs. Out side people can't give you a Canadian visa.

Canadian Government offer many programs for those who are interested to work in their land, but take note for to get them you must have proper education and work experience.

So don't look for Canada Green card Lottery in the real world.

Canada Lottery

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