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Canada visas for Parents.

Canada immigration for parents had changed a lot in its availability and its requirements a lot in the recent time. There are hundreds of thousands family applications are pending for approval and if it takes like this it will be years for the applicants to benefit from the facility.

So the Canada Government came with a new idea to that can benefit both the Government and the parents who want to visit their families there in quick time.

Now they are offering a visa with the name as super visa.

This best for father, mother and grand parents of the people who are living in Canadian citizens.

To get this visa,
Applicants must use the same old type visitor application form.
Their sponsor must have the minimum income to invite them.
Must buy medical insurance.
They have to take medical tests to proof their fitness.
Processing time may vary according to the country where you live. More.

What papers you will need?
Both parties birth certificates.
Letter of invitation to visit.
This must include the details of the care giving facility and the number of people living sponsor's home.
Proof of income in Canada..
Applicant's insurance issued by a Canada Insurance company minimum validity one year.
( Minimum coverage of $100,000)
Applicant medical examination certificate according to the visa office

More information: Here.

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