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Danish Green Card Program / European Union Work Visas.

Qualified professionas are allowed to immigrate to Denmark through the Danish Green Card for to secure a job where the 3 year period can be renewed. To get such a work permit you must check with their eligibility requirement and confirm that your really eligible to submit your application form to the Danish Government. This Danish Green Card should be obtained prior to your arrival to the Danish boarder and it will allow you as a professional for three years to live and work there or in any of the EU country of your choice for three years of period.

Greencard scheme processing fee DKK 6,850 (Euro 919)

List of regulated professions. - list of regulated professions

In order to be granted a residence permit under the greencard scheme, you must obtain a minimum of 100 points. Points are given for: educational level, language skills and adaptability.


You can be granted a first-time residence permit under the Greencard scheme for up to two years. Before the end of this period, you can apply for an extension of up to three years.

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