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Europe to Issue Blue Card, Like American Green Card.

Europe including UK is preparing to allow 20 Million qualified migrants from Asian and African countries. This will help to many Asian skilled workers who are looking for a greener path in the developed countries. This card will be issued like America's Green Card work permit to fill the vacant skilled workers positions in EU countries and will allow them to work for two years legally while give them the right to live, and travel in the 27 member states. This was reveled in the media report released today, quoting EU's Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini as saying it. According to the report "The plan will be unveiled next month".

They planned to start this after they saw more skilled workers are going to USA.
The Blue card will entitle skilled migrants to work in an EU member state for two years term and then move to a second EU member state after two or three years. "The workers could apply to stay permanently after five consecutive years in any EU state and would be free to travel where they wished."

While UK which is moving to a points based work permit method from next year as planning to attract more skilled workers and also removing settlement rights from unskilled migrants, expected to attract less people.

British Home Office spokesman said that "The European Union has not yet issued any proposals for a 'blue card' scheme but we would consider any such proposals carefully. The UK has the right to opt in to EU measures on immigration and we would only decide to do this if the proposals were consistent with our national approach to managed migration," Always visit our web to get up date of this program.

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