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The US H-1B visa.

The US H-1B visa is for the U.S companies to recruit well educated foreign individual to work for them for a period of six years only.

The program is limited for the companies only and individuals can't submit their own applications for H-1B visas. There is a numerical cap applies for the program each year.

The employers can start applying for the H-1B visa six months prior to the actual starting date for the H-1B visas. If it stars in October then they can submit their entries by April and the beneficiary can't join them until October 1st.

The job candidate should have high degree where it must be equivalent to 4 years U.S Bachelor's degree or a 3 year degree and 3 years post graduate experience. And if required by law then they must have the required license to perform profession in the USA.

Those who don't have graduate degrees but have 12 years of work experience in the graduate equivalent performing jobs too can get visas through the companies.

Those companies who want to recruit foreign professionals must first advertise their post in America and if they can't find suitable people only can file for the H-1B visas where they must pay US$ 1,000 addition to the application processing fees. This money will be used to train local residents in suitable positions.

3 year permit will be given at the time of the entry then it can be extended for two more years and then one year further for a total of 6 years only. While there in the USA with the H-1B visa they can apply for the Green card. The person must stay out of the USA for one year before applying for the H or L visa again.
If one H-1B visa holder was laid down by the company they must with stand all the necessary costs to move him/her to their own country. This will not apply when an employee chooses to resign.

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