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US Non immigrant visa application process Changed in Colombo.

US Embassy in Colombo today announced several notable changes that have been introduced to the non-immigrant visa (NIV) application process that is scheduled to come into effect as of September 7 to make the procedure more convenient for the applicants.

The newly introduced transitions are part of the significant changes that have been instituted to the visa application processes in US embassies worldwide. Hence, with effect from Sunday the NIV application process will be moved to a new online appointment service.

Designed to be more convenient and user-friendly, according to the new system the visa applicants would be offered the convenience of scheduling their visa interview appointments through an account online.

Among the three main changes to the visa process includes the payment of the visa application fee in person, at a local DFCC Bank Branch prior to scheduling the interview appointment.

"There are over 130 DFCC bank locations in Sri Lanka and it will work like paying your utility bills," Consular Chief Sally Sternal said, explaining the new system.
Thereafter the visa appointments can be scheduled online on any day of the week.

A new call center will also be operational with effect from September 8, which would assist the applicants with their queries on visa applications and interview scheduling etc. It will be operational from 8 am - 8 pm from Monday – Friday in all three languages and can be accessed free at +94-11-7703703.

"We believe the new call center will greatly improve our ability to assist Sri Lankan applicants," Sternal added.

As per the new system, following will be the six-step process that should be followed by the applicants that will be applying for NIV at the US embassy with effect from September 7.

Applicants are required to complete the online visa application form (DS-160) that captures the demographic information and purpose of their travel to the US at

Thereafter, an account should be created by each applicant by visiting the new scheduling website, through which the bank deposit slip should be printed.

This slip should be produced to a local DFCC bank to pay the require application fee

Thereafter, the applicants can log back into the scheduling website one/two business days after making thepayment, to make an interview appointment using the bank receipt payment number

The applicants must then visit the Embassy for the scheduled appointment with the required documentation

If approved, the passports will be processed to be picked up at the Embassy on a given date and time (Lakna Paranamanna)


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