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Work Permit. USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Most of the third world country professionally qualified people are under paid in their native countries when comparing their salary to their counter parts in the developed countries. So most of these professionals want to earn handful of salary and want the luxuries that they can enjoy in these developed countries. And many of these professionally qualified people don't want to live forever in these developed foreign countries. Most of them just want to earn a handsome amount and want to return back to their motherlands and have a peaceful life with their families. The amount they have earned will support them to have a pleasant life till their last days. So most of the Graduates and masters with a good working experience like university professors, doctors, engineers nurses and many more kind of skill workers have a chance to obtain a work permit from most of the developed countries, where they get large amount of money and bonus as their salary.

USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand are the leading countries to offer work permits to qualified persons.

Normally these work permits are offered for two years. Some countries allow the work permit holders to extend their stay. Some countries ask them to leave their country and return back after one year for another two year period of work. Some countries allow them to change their status to immigrant status.

First of all these countries require the applicants to fulfill the language skill to work in their countries.

  1. So, these professional must have passed exams like IELTS, TOFEL with high score.
  2. Normally an applicant who wants to apply for a work permit must be a degree holder and must have at least one year of full time work experience in the related field of his higher education.
  3. Must have a job offer from a company or must have enough money to cover his expenses for a period of 6 months in that particular country along with a valid return Air ticket.
  4. If a relative is available to support the applicant on arrival, for him to settle will be an added advantage.
  5. Work permit applicant must have his/her professional international bodies fully paid membership.
  6. Permission from the current employer/Government for the period he wants to stay overseas.
  7. Travel, Medical Insurance which must cover the country where he/she intends to stay.

From our experience, what we can tell you regarding this work permit?
Don't stop learning new developments in the field of your profession.
And always don't forget to renew your Professional membership.
If possible take foreign professional membership without thinking the cost.

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