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Working Holiday Visa for Netherlands.

Netherland is one of the popular tourist destinations in the European continent and one of the founder members of European Commission and NATO. Its capital is Amsterdam and uses Euro as it is official currency. It heavily depends on its agricultural exports for its economy.

Working Holiday visas are meant for younger people to work and support them while travelling in Netherlands. Young people who are aged between 18 and 30 and must be from Australia, Canada or New Zealand can apply for these visas. The visa will allow them to stay in Netherlands up to 12 months to work and travel freely in Netherlands.

Those WHV seeking young people must have a Insurance that will cover their medical expenses if necessary during their stay.

A person carrying a one way air ticket, must have funds Exceeding to AUD$ 6,000. If the person carries a valid return air ticket must have minimum AUD$ 3,000 at the time of their arrival.

Applying for this visa is a simple procedure. Just download the Working Holiday Visa application form from the Netherlands embassy's web site.

When the person arrives in Netherlands he must go to the Alien's Police and register himself within 8 days for a MVV a residence permit as the visa only allow you to travel and does not allow you to live there.

Also apply for a employer specific employment permit, apply for a Tax File number by registering at the local Town hall.

For further information and applying you can contact your country Royal Netherlands Embassy.

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